Themes of Shoddy

Shoddy has many meanings and resonances, and this project and blog will cover the following themes:

• Shoddy, the material, shoddy industry in Leeds/West Yorkshire, woollen industry.
Local history, heritage. Production and use of shoddy fabric e.g. military uniforms. WW1.
Local museums and mills: Armley Mills, Sunny Bank Mills, Royal Armouries.
Mill work, wool, felt.
• Recycling/re-using/re-purposing/making use of waste
• Disabled people’s lives now and then: poverty, workhouse, mill work, welfare reform, “deserving poor”, charity, disability rights
• Shoddy treatment of disabled people by current government – public funding cuts that are disproportionately affecting disabled people.

The over-arching aim is to challenge assumptions that disabled people – our work and our-selves – are shoddy, poor quality or badly made.


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