Shoddy: a rough plan

Having organised the Reality of Small Differences last year in a very short time, I thought I’d take a bit more time over Shoddy. And this should make it easier for people to get involved in the project.

What’s happened so far

July – August –  28 expressions of interest from disabled artists received, the majority via CuratorSpace. Mostly individuals artists, but including four groups, they are a mixture of established and emerging artists from round the country.

Helen Astaire, a pattern cutter who also has experience of curating, gets in touch to offer to help on Shoddy.

I’ve made a couple of grant applications, and looked into other sources of funding. Awaiting deadlines.

Talked to lots of people and organisations, asked for advice and support, with a positive response from many including: Wayne Hemingway, East Street Arts, Live Art Bistro, Sunny Bank Mills, SCRAP, Left Bank, Skippko.

Set up the blog and Twitter account @ShoddyArts


In keeping with the one of the Shoddy themes of re-using and re-purposing, I’d love to make temporary use of an empty venue, like a shop or other business premises. Which makes things a little more complicated, but will add impact to  the project.
It’s too early now to find a property that will be empty next spring. But lots of people are telling me not to worry, it will all fall into place!
Hedging my bets, I’ve got a back-up plan. And I’m keeping the exhibition dates flexible for now….

If you have any good ideas for an accessible venue in Leeds, get in touch!

What’s next?

Brief sent out Oct 2015. Opportunity for more artists to submit work.
Deadline for proposals mid Dec
Selection of work Dec – early Jan
Time for artists to develop new work Jan – March.
Exhibition April.

After that

Loads of possibilities for this project, exploring the themes of the project with disabled people. Let’s see where it takes us….


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