Our inner self can be fragile but beautifully strong & resistant

Aoife O'Rourke 2Aoife O’Rourke is one of the artists taking part in Shoddy. “Hyde Your Shadow” is a series combining textile forms with metal cage-like structures. Here’s what she says about her work:

Having a deep curiosity in the human mind, paired with my own experience of mental health issues is what fuels the majority of my inspiration for my work. I have been exploring textiles within my work and their, at times, fragile nature.

I feel that, disabled or not, everyone has fragile sides of their personalities, which are often kept hidden. My work explores this idea of hidden self, stemming from interests in the Jungian theory of ‘Shadow Aspect’ and literature such as ‘The Curious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’. ‘Hyde Your Shadow’ explores the contrast of these opposing traits through use of opposing materials to create an abstract character portrait. The cage represents people’s outer self, strong and rigid but not without flaws; within them they hold our inner self.

Our inner self can be fragile but beautifully strong and resistant.

Disabled people’s strength: a theme that comes up time and again in artists’ work for this exhibition.


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