Things seen as shoddy can in fact be of use

Becky Fawcett uses materials which are often overlooked in her embroidered poems, which will be on show in the exhibition. Art and making has been vitally important to Becky.

“My work is the result of working hard to overcome the after-effects of a stroke in 2012, aged 37. I found it very difficult to write, read and find the words I wanted to say. Last year I thought I’d push myself to write poetry and also develop my hand-eye coordination by sewing the words (something I detest!).

“The challenge of writing these pieces of poetry has spurred me on, helped with my literacy and now I am about to get a small anthology published. I have these small flower poems to thank for that. Art has definitely given me a purpose again when I might’ve been consigned to life’s scrap heap.”

Becky Fawcett poemT-shirt cotton from clothing donated to charity shops, deemed too damaged to be resold, has been salvaged and used again in these works. By continuing the recycling and re=purposing theme, Becky Fawcett has created something completely different to clothing, and something permanent.  Like the cotton threads, the old connections within an injured brain are being re-used and renewed.

Things seen as “shoddy” can in fact be of use.


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