The Dark Light

We’ve been using images from Andrew Towse and Anne-Marie Atkinson’s series, The Dark Light, in some of the publicity for Shoddy. Here they explain how they made these striking pictures, which look even more impressive in real life.

Andrew Towse Anne-Marie 1“We placed scraps of coloured cloth, silver foil, cotton wool, bandages, balls of wool and steel wool onto a scanner. We made the room we were in dark. When the light of the scanner comes down, we moved the items on the scanner in different directions and different speeds. This makes the picture stripey. We made three scans for each picture, putting them together in Photoshop, and changing the layers’ see-through. We can see faces in the patterns” – Andrew Towse.

“These rich explorations of darkness and light are each completely unique. The same image could never be captured twice and it acts as a record of the force of our hands on the materials – a process that ‘listens’ to our experimentation and organic decision making. The scans, which are jumbled and distorted from a distance, contain incredible detail when viewed closely. By layering the scans and altering the opacity, the images invite closer inspection, have greater depth and add multifaceted interpretations. The finished images, made by repurposing materials to hand, resemble Shoddy material through light and digital based intervention” – Anne-Marie Atkinson.

Andrew Towse Anne-Marie pictures on tableThe D4 collaboration demonstrates the enticing, complex and high quality work that can be produced by learning disabled and non-learning disabled artist collaborations. The artists recognise, celebrate and explore the two-way exchange that takes place in such collaborations, aiming to expand our understanding of creativity and production of knowledge in the contemporary art world.



_DSC6446 Andrew Towse with The Dark LightAndrew Towse stands by his work at the Shoddy launch event.


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