A Womb with a View

A Womb With A View (AWAV) is a tactile, textile post-punk cylindrical sculpture and accompanying ambient soundscape that featured in the Shoddy exhibition.  Made by artists Gemma Nash (sound) and Jenny Byrant (textile), this multisensory piece is a creative response to growth attenuation treatment, gender identity and reproductive rights. The piece was initially sparked by … More A Womb with a View

Heritage Show + Tell

Towards the end of the exhibition’s run, I was invited to an event organised by two projects at the University of Leeds: Rethinking Textiles and Enterprise of Culture. It was timely that they found out about Shoddy. The workshop, Rethinking Textiles: Yorkshire Edition, on 21st April 2016, presented new approaches to the history of textiles and … More Heritage Show + Tell

Mitzi Cunliffe, sculptor

A brief detour from textiles for a mention of sculptor Mitzi Cunliffe (1918-2006), whose work is perhaps tangentially linked to this project. Cunliffe created a striking sculpture representing textiles. Man Made Fibres was commissioned in 1955 for a new building of the same name (now Clothworkers’ South) at the University of Leeds. The sculpture features … More Mitzi Cunliffe, sculptor


Kirsty Hall positively encouraged people to handle the stones that formed her installation at Shoddy – and visitors to the exhibition complied. They found the stones pleasing and complex, and many wondered how on earth the artist had managed to swaddle them so tightly and neatly! Here’s what she says about the installation. Tatterdemalion   … More Tatterdemalion

Beautiful but deadly

Natalia Sauvignon’s work ‘Beautiful but Deadly’ is a first piece of a series inspired by gorgeous, colourful but very often carnivorous sea creatures. The material used relates to shoddy, being leftover wool, given new meaning rather than being discarded. Likewise plastic plants, seashells from a trip to Bridlington and even the artist’s own hair made … More Beautiful but deadly

Shoddy Utility Nests

I have Carrie Scott Huby to credit for coming up with the idea of “shoddy” for this project. From that word everything else flowed! Traditional techniques and processes are at the core of Carrie Scott Huby’s practice, coupled with ecological concerns.  Nature and the natural environment are a continual inspiration which informs her collections. Scott … More Shoddy Utility Nests

Not Lost by Mow

“Not Lost” is a satirical response to the DWP’s (Department for Work & Pensions) shoddy information collecting process by artist Mow, which features in the exhibition. The piece has been made to communicate a rejection of practices within the current benefits system. It is inspired by the artist’s personal experience of collecting and sending requested … More Not Lost by Mow

Shoddy lives on!

Faye Waple’s Shoddy Samplers greet visitors when they arrive at the exhibition. They came about as she contemplated the different meanings of “shoddy” and asked others what they knew – or didn’t know – about the word. I wasn’t aware that there was a mining connection. What else did she find out…?   Shoddy what … More Shoddy lives on!

This coat tells a powerful story

Lesley Illingworth‘s Storytelling Coat deals head-on with the theme of “shoddy” government policies and practice towards disabled people. While the outside of the coat highlights the many positive qualities of disabled people, such as strength, patience, intuition, the lining tells a different story. MPs’ names are partnered with the name of a disabled person from … More This coat tells a powerful story

Opening event photos

Shoddy had an incredible opening night on Wednesday 6th April, with over 250 people attending! It was a lovely evening, the exhibition was very well received with loads of positive comments, about individual artworks and about the show as a whole. Here are a few photographs of the event, taken by Mat Dale.