Opening event photos

Shoddy had an incredible opening night on Wednesday 6th April, with over 250 people attending! It was a lovely evening, the exhibition was very well received with loads of positive comments, about individual artworks and about the show as a whole. Here are a few photographs of the event, taken by Mat Dale.

_DSC6481 Shoddy exhibition 6.4.16 _DSC6465 Shoddy exhibition 6.4.16_DSC6545 _DSC6487 Pyramid of Arts High Rise Sensory Group untitled_DSC6542_DSC6499 Artist Lesley Illingworth shows off her Storytelling Coat_DSC6454 Maze of Life, Shoddy Samplers_DSC6548_DSC6590 Kirsty Hall Tatterdemalion - the artist in blue on right_DSC6625 Shoddy exhibition 6.4.16_DSC6550 Katy White Of the Soft Kind_DSC6605 Sandy Holden work on left


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