Shoddy Utility Nests

_DSC6564 Carrie Scott Huby Shoddy Utility NestsI have Carrie Scott Huby to credit for coming up with the idea of “shoddy” for this project. From that word everything else flowed!

Traditional techniques and processes are at the core of Carrie Scott Huby’s practice, coupled with ecological concerns.  Nature and the natural environment are a continual inspiration which informs her collections.

Scott Huby’s starting point is drawing, along with using materials for their own qualities. Intertwining layers of printmaking, drawing and word, she creates lyrical philosophical and observational narrations within artist books.

Shoddy Utility Nest, Carrie Scott Huby

Shoddy Utility Nests represent locally sourced, re-claimed and recycled materials inspired by 1940’s utility. This work starts with a wool base combined with discarded objects, using traditional techniques and processes.

Shoddy Utility Nests are made with local flock fleece hand felted with re-claimed Batley (West Yorkshire) hessian, plus other discarded materials.  The concept of nest is to narrate the principle of nesting our world, taking care of it, reducing waste and utilising what we have and to show beauty within the non-perfect and discarded.




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