Beautiful but deadly

_DSC6364 Natalia Sauvignon Beautiful But DeadlyNatalia Sauvignon’s work ‘Beautiful but Deadly’ is a first piece of a series inspired by gorgeous, colourful but very often carnivorous sea creatures.

The material used relates to shoddy, being leftover wool, given new meaning rather than being discarded. Likewise plastic plants, seashells from a trip to Bridlington and even the artist’s own hair made their way into the piece to be re-used and combined in an unexpected way.

Natalia Sauvignon works with textiles using colour combinations and different textures for their visual richness and tactility. She mostly uses the technique of needle felting, stabbing the wool with a very sharp and barbed felting needle so that the woollen fibres attach to each other resulting in a solid form.

_DSC6566 Natalia Sauvignon Beautiful But Deadly“I have recently been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Being a positive and accepting person I always noticed life’s little miracles, the beauty in the world and all the tiny details people tend not to notice. What the exhibition ‘Shoddy’ represents for me personally is that no matter what condition you have, everyone has potential. You could either try to discard or hide your condition like discarding the leftover wool or make the best of it, creating something unique and sharing it with the world.”

(photos: Mat Dale)


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