Shoddy cut-up poetry

Leeds Survivors Poetry wrote a few poems inspired by Shoddy’s themes, and performed a couple at the exhibition launch event in Leeds on 6th April.

There are a couple more poems to share. I love this clever cut-up by Liz Helliwell – created entirely from words found on this blog.

Poem shoddy mashupHidden self

That is why I made
Badly put together


The reality of
demonising any fragile nature
vicious persecution

You can get away with it
Downtrodden and brainwashed
Below the poverty line


Art challenges
Original meaning
Turn it on its head


The help they need to be discharged
Pick up their beds and walk
Links and support


A sparkle running through
Is beautifully strong

Bright colours
Not black and white

Culminating in strength.


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