Sometimes the Shoddy project was a bit challenging








The Wednesday Textile Group at Specialist Autism Services in Leeds invited me to judge the results of a project they’d been working on, decorating clothes pegs. I was delighted to be asked, but the task turned out to be really difficult. There was so little to choose between the work which included intricately decorated pegs, tableaux and objects – all featuring pegs.

The work of the group had featured in the original Shoddy exhibition in Leeds (and was shown again during the Beyond arts festival). The backpack full of labels was very well received by visitors to the exhibition.


Specialist Autism services Shoddy displayThe group had made a poster recording their experiences of taking part in Shoddy and this was on display in the workshop room. It was a brilliant way to record and evaluate the project and an added bonus of my visit as I didn’t know they’d made this.  Comments on the poster included:

I’m glad I helped with this project. Patience, concentration and teamwork with other members helped me complete this group art installation for the exhibition.

The project was very inspiring. It was the first time we worked with disabled artists.

I feel really proud that our shoddy rucksack was exhibited and it was online for my mum to see.

Sometimes the Shoddy project was a bit challenging and I enjoyed what I had to do.


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