Kicking Up a Dust

There are still a few of the artists from the original Shoddy exhibition in April that I haven’t featured on this blog. In some cases, this was because their work was difficult to represent and do credit to, perhaps because of the media used. Katy White’s audio visual piece in the exhibition, Kicking Up A … More Kicking Up a Dust

Discovering Lorina Bulwer’s workhouse embroideries

The next event organised as part of the Shoddy project is a discussion/workshop that is part of the Love Arts Festival, celebrating creativity and mental health. The workshop, on 20th October, is a chance to think about creativity – particularly needlework – as a form of protest and an outlet for strong emotions. We’ll be … More Discovering Lorina Bulwer’s workhouse embroideries

Being inspirational

I (finally) got round to writing a post about how problematic being called inspirational is for disabled people. It seemed timely with today being the start of the Rio Paralympics. But then I saw this video: and saw that journalist (and supporter of Shoddy) Frances Ryan had beaten me to it! Being called inspiring or … More Being inspirational

Shoddy artists part of guerilla gallery at Tate Modern

Two of the pieces that featured in the Shoddy exhibition made another appearance on Sunday 4th Sept at the start of DPAC’s week of action. Vickie Orton’s Maze of Life and Lesley Illingworth’s Story Telling Coat were part of a “disobedient exhibition”, Art4Rights, that took over space in the Tate Modern for a few hours. … More Shoddy artists part of guerilla gallery at Tate Modern