Shoddy’s year in numbers

2016 has been a difficult year, for disabled people and many others. Shoddy aimed to produce something positive, to show the creativity of disabled artists and the strength of disabled people. So, despite everything, 2016 has been a good year for Shoddy. Our fantastic and hugely successful exhibition featuring amazing artists took place, which led on to further exhibitions, workshops and publications. Hopefully these have made a positive impact.

2016In 2016 there were…

3 exhibitions involving

13 individual artists, 2 pairs and 3 groups of artists who created

23 artworks between them.

250 people attended the exhibition launch event on 6th April, with a further

184 people visiting the exhibition at Live Art Bistro.

3 poems were written for and performed at the launch event, by Leeds Survivors Poetry.

1,000 people came through the door of Batley Library and Art Gallery on Batley Vintage Day, 28th May, where Shoddy was exhibited to coincide with this event.

140 people saw Shoddy exhibited at Inkwell during August.

2 workshops connected with the project took place – on disability arts and Lorina Bulwer. Plus the Arts & Minds Network organised an event during the exhibition at LAB with several creative workshops and activities on offer.

1 publication documenting the exhibition was produced.

2 grants supported the project, thanks to Leeds Inspired (part of Leeds City Council) and Leeds Philosophical & Literary Society.

18 volunteers supported the project, including 6 of Mencap’s Young Ambassadors.

456 followers on Twitter @ShoddyArts

1 award was won!

Plus, we got some great press coverage; Shoddy artists took part in #Art4Rights, the guerilla gallery at Tate Modern; we ran a couple of workshops; the project worked in partnership and linked up with lots of artists and arts organisations, locally and nationally – and there’s more activity planned for 2017. So keep reading this blog and see you next year.




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