Books, rhubarb, shoddy #InternationalArtistsBookFair

Shoddy had a great time at the 20th International Contemporary Artists Book Fair at the Tetley in Leeds last weekend. You can see the list of exhibitors here: As well as the Shoddy publication, our stall showed work by two of the artists who took part in the exhibition. Carrie Scott Huby and Vickie … More Books, rhubarb, shoddy #InternationalArtistsBookFair

UK AIDS Memorial Quilt

The AIDS Memorial Quilt Conservation Partnership is reaching out to anyone who was involved in creating the UK’s AIDS Memorial Quilt. #AIDSQuiltUK The UK’s AIDS Memorial Quilt is an irreplaceable piece of social history and remembrance of those who died of HIV and AIDS in the 80s and 90s. The quilt has been in storage for several years now … More UK AIDS Memorial Quilt

Lorina Bulwer’s mind worked fast, but her method was slow

The Shoddy workshop about Lorina Bulwer’s workhouse embroideries was a fascinating – and tantalising – session. It gave us a chance to find out about Lorina’s life and what it might have been like for her in the workhouse, but because a limited amount is known about her, we had loads of questions as well! … More Lorina Bulwer’s mind worked fast, but her method was slow

Kicking Up a Dust

There are still a few of the artists from the original Shoddy exhibition in April that I haven’t featured on this blog. In some cases, this was because their work was difficult to represent and do credit to, perhaps because of the media used. Katy White’s audio visual piece in the exhibition, Kicking Up A … More Kicking Up a Dust

Discovering Lorina Bulwer’s workhouse embroideries

The next event organised as part of the Shoddy project is a discussion/workshop that is part of the Love Arts Festival, celebrating creativity and mental health. The workshop, on 20th October, is a chance to think about creativity – particularly needlework – as a form of protest and an outlet for strong emotions. We’ll be … More Discovering Lorina Bulwer’s workhouse embroideries