The Dark Light

We’ve been using images from Andrew Towse and Anne-Marie Atkinson’s series, The Dark Light, in some of the publicity for Shoddy. Here they explain how they made these striking pictures, which look even more impressive in real life. “We placed scraps of coloured cloth, silver foil, cotton wool, bandages, balls of wool and steel wool … More The Dark Light

Our inner self can be fragile but beautifully strong & resistant

Aoife O’Rourke is one of the artists taking part in Shoddy. “Hyde Your Shadow” is a series combining textile forms with metal cage-like structures. Here’s what she says about her work: Having a deep curiosity in the human mind, paired with my own experience of mental health issues is what fuels the majority of my … More Our inner self can be fragile but beautifully strong & resistant

The Maze of Life

One of the artists taking part in Shoddy, Vickie Orton, has chosen the theme of a maze to reflect the experience of working your way through the benefit system: “It’s like navigating a maze, so often you’re faced with dead ends or turnings that look promising but lead nowhere.” The blanket that forms the background to … More The Maze of Life

Fools in High Places

This week I’ll be sharing some writing and opinions from disabled people who’ve contacted or been contacted by Shoddy. While not part of the exhibition, their words and concerns are worth sharing as part of this project, particularly in this budget week, to show what austerity means in practice. See also Steve Groves’ comments under … More Fools in High Places